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Cell / Committee Composition
Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee i) Dr. Pratibha Singh (Chairman)
ii) Dr. Shilpi Gupta Dixit (Member)
iii) Ms. Vandana Pandey (Member)
iv) Prof. J. Vajpai (Member)
v) Dr. Pramila Acharya (Member)
vi) Dr. Tanuj Kanchan (Member)
Mess Committee i) Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj (Chairperson)
ii) Dr. Surjit Singh (Member)
iii) Dr. Om Lata Bhagat (Member)
iv) Dr. Akhil Dhanesh Goel (Member)
v) Maj.(Dr.) Praveen Upadhyay (Member)
vi) Dr. Rashmi Rathore (Member)
vii) Ms. M Sonia (Member)
viii) Dr. Ashish Kumar Nayyar (Member-Secretary)
Furniture Committee i) Dr. Deepak Jha (Chairman)
ii) Dr. Rahul Saxena (Member)
iii) Dr. Bharat Paliwal (Member)
iv) Dr. Anubhav Gupta (Member)
v) Mr. Mahendra Singh (Member)
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